The Home History Book

Built to last generations, a Home History Book™ archival journal is a sturdy, heirloom-quality book that is meant to stay with the home so that its owners -- both present and future -- will know and be able to share its story. Photos, documents, repairs, renovations, stories and guests -- all have a place within its pages. A wonderful way to chronicle your own home history or a perfect closing gift, home-staging tool or housewarming present for every homeowner.

Houstory™ News Feed
  • Houstory Big thx 2 @Banner_Bank in Lynden, WA 4 making us their featured business of the month n Aug!
  • Houstory These are screen shots of the PDF I was able to print out and store with family history records after registering the table. One piece of family history, safe and sound in both the digital and real worlds!
  • Houstory Rainy day in Oregon means good day to tag and register a few heirlooms at This chrome table was my godmother's. She even marked it as something to pass on to me and my wife with a sticky note on the underside! Now its story is safely registered.
  • Houstory Yes, Houstory officially turned 8 years old in June. A quick birthday celebration and rundown of the ride thus far...Happy Birthday Houstory! - The Houstory┬« Hearth
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