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About Houstory Publishing

Houstory ® Publishing, LLC is the publisher of the original Home History Book™ archival journal and creator of The Heirloom Registry™. The Home History Book archival journal is an heirloom-quality book that, unlike a family's personal scrapbook or photo album, is meant to stay with a house as a permanent record of its past history and present stories.

Believing that every house has a story, Houstory Publishing -- started in 2007 by brothers Mike and Dan Hiestand -- has designed its book to serve two important functions: First, it provides homeowners who wish to research the history of their home an attractive and lasting medium to record and share their findings with others. Second, it helps them document and record their own stories -- their living history. This includes information about both the home's physical structure and changes that may occur over the years and -- perhaps more importantly -- about their own family's time in the home. It is this personal history -- the stories of a family's everyday life and/or significant events that occur while living in the home -- that give a home its unique character and feel.

Houstory Publishing intends to establish itself as the preeminent provider of quality home history products and a leader in encouraging home genealogy around the world. The company's Web site includes articles, guides and multimedia produced by professional home genealogists, document archivists and public records experts. Future plans also include message boards/discussion groups where the houstorian community can more informally share information and hints about home research, ask questions and display interesting photos and stories they may have discovered while researching their home's history.

NOTE: Houstory Publishing is the only authentic source of Home History Book archival journals with the distinctive door design. The unique door cover lets you know you have purchased a superior, archival-quality Home History Book journal from Houstory Publishing.
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