General Information
1. What is a Home History Book™ archival journal?
2. What if I want to take my Home History Book archival journal with me when I move?
3. What are the benefits of documenting my home's history?
4. My home is brand new. There is no history. How would a Home History Book archival journal suit my needs?
5. Why would I buy a book when I could just put all my research materials in a folder or envelope?
6. Are volume purchase discounts available?
7. What is Houstory Publishing's return/refund policy and warranty?

About Home History Book Archival Journals
8. How is a Home History Book archival journal made?
9. How do I know my Home History Book archival journal will last?
10. Why don't you have a software program or something that would be easier to update or manage?
11. How do I care for my Home History Book archival journal?
12. What is the Certificate of Authenticity and why is that important?

Tracking Your Home's History
13. How do I track down my home's history?
14. How much work and time is involved in maintaining a Home History Book archival journal?
15. How much does it cost to hire a home historian?
16. How long does it take a home historian to research and compile a home's history?

Using Your Home History Book Archival Journal
17. How do you recommend that photos/visual materials be attached to the book?
18. What kind of writing utensil should I use to fill out the book?
19. What are "spacer pages"?
20. What if I have more photos or documents than I have room for?
21. Where can I purchase archival-quality accessories (for example, photo sleeves and pens)?
22. Is there any kind of information that I should be careful including with my home's history?
23. What if I make a mistake in the book when filling it out?

More Information
24. What should I do if I want more information, have questions, or want to provide some feedback?