Be remembered long after the final nail has been driven...

Are you looking for a personal way to say "thank you" to your clients? Would you like to give your clients something that reflects your company's quality craftsmanship and ensures your work will be long remembered?

The Home History Book™ archival journal provides a classy and customized way to thank your clients while helping them tell the story of their home's beginning. Its flexible format also allows you to include as much or as little branding for your company as you want.

Showcase your workmanship: Include 'as-built' images and information from the start. Preserve and document information the home's current and future owners can use and appreciate.

Quality Counts: Give your client something they will genuinely treasure and something you are proud to present. Let the home's selling price and the buyer's tastes guide your selection.

Make it Personal: While it requires more time and effort than ordering a generic fruit basket or houseplant, a personalized gift tailored to the interests or needs of your clients will be noticed -- and is a natural opportunity to convey a strong message about how much you value your relationship.

A Lasting Reminder: The best closing gift is one with staying power. A gift regularly used or proudly displayed serves as an ongoing reminder to your clients and guests of your professionalism and generosity.