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Our blog includes current information about historical preservation; historical home real estate listing; home genealogy conferences; contests; events; scrap booking; bookbinding; the latest in home history research information and technology; renovation and construction practices as related to home genealogy; and much more. Please visit blog.houstory.com for more information.
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Ever noticed a house and wondered what it would say if its walls could talk? Been in an antique store and tried to imagine where the object had been previously? This podcast is for you and the voices in your head. Brothers Mike and Dan, founders of Houstory and maker of The Heirloom Registry and The Home History Book, are your hosts. Family heirlooms, historic houses, family history and structured goofyness.

Episode 1 - January 2015: The Gamwell House
Episode 2 - April 2015: Sense of Place
Episode 3 - September 2015: Origins