Built to last generations, a Home History Book™ archival journal is a sturdy, heirloom-quality book that is meant to stay with the home so that its owners -- both present and future -- will know and be able to share its story. Photos, documents, repairs, renovations, stories and guests -- all have a place within its pages. A wonderful way to chronicle your own home history or a perfect closing gift, home-staging tool or housewarming present for every homeowner.

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  • Houstory Here's an idea (even if you can't get to tropical beach): Get together with friends and family and enjoy the great outdoors! #NoMoreStuff
  • Houstory This is great! Fun ways to honor the stuff you already have, including family heirlooms. #NoMoreStuffYou don't have to throw away things as soon as they break. With a little bit of creativity most broken things can be fixed or even become something better. Bored Panda has collected some of the best examples of these ingenious repairs to get your creative juices flowing.10+ Of The Most Creative Ways To Fix Broken Stuff
  • Houstory A few photos from the ground near the #PearlHarbor75 ceremony...
  • Houstory What an unforgettable day of history. First, we watched the #PearlHarbor75 ceremony from the shores of Pearl Harbor. Then, I shook hands with one of the Pearl Harbor survivors. His name is name is Delton Walling. I'll post a CBS Sunday Morning video that he is featured in. #InAweOn December 7, 1941, war came to a remote Pacific outpost, and forced an isolationist nation to rise as a global superpowerRemembering Pearl Harbor, 75 years later
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