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"I love the Home History Book! When we recently sold our house, I shared house history tidbits with the new buyers. They loved having the information. The Home History Book helped us preserve the history of that dwelling as well as our lives living in it."

Maureen Taylor, "The Photo Detective"; Providence, R.I.
"The Home History Book is such a great idea. It should even make your home's value go up! Preserving your history for future generations is so important, and Houstory is making that easier - a very good thing."

Janet Hovorka, President of the Utah Genealogical Association
"Whether a historic Colonial home with centuries of photographs and stories, or a newly constructed stately property with new memories being made, the Home History Book's leather-bound 244-pages will be a treasured chronicle for any inn."

"SUITE EXCHANGE - How to run an Inn" blog
"(The Home History Book) is just a great book to record all those stories of what you have done to the house, or what you gleaned from the previous owner or old neighbor. Write them down before you forget the names, dates, or items you want to include. I've begun to use ours immediately. Do yourself a favor, and get one for your house as well."

Paul K. Williams, "The House History Man"; Baltimore, Md.
"The Home History Book is a beautiful way to preserve and showcase a home's history. I love being able to present the fruits of my historic research in such an attractive way -- much nicer than a three-ring binder! And because the book is archival quality and built to last, it is comforting to know the effort I put into compiling this information will not end up lost in the shuffle of time."

Kolby LaBree, homeowner; Bellingham, Wash
"Truly a novel idea! There is nothing else out there like it for your home, and a perfect gift for any homeowner, new or old. The book comes beautifully engraved and packaged with your homes address on the cover. It's a great new tradition to start with your family."

Anne Marie Poe, homeowner; Bellevue, Wash