Need Help? Hire a House Historian
Uncovering your home's story can be rewarding and fun. But it's not for everyone. If looking through courthouse records, reading old newspaper stories and pouring through black and white photos at your local historical association doesn't appeal to you -- or simply isn't feasible at the moment -- there are people to help.

A qualified, professional house historian can be hired to write your entire home history, track down just your old tax records, find information about a particular owner -- or something in between.

On this page is a search engine that lists professional home genealogists who are available to provide their expertise. Please keep in mind they are not officially connected with Houstory Publishing in any way.

Before you hire a home historian, do your research. The Association of Professional Genealogists (APG) have developed a nice6 checklist for the hiring process, as has historian Dan Curtis.

Select a state below to search for a house historian in your area.

If you need help locating a professional home genealogist in your area, please contact your local historical society.

House genealogists interested in being listed in this database are invited to contact Houstory Publishing.