How to Research Your Home's History

Essentially, researching a home's story comes down to a few basic questions:
  1. What kind of information are you seeking?
  2. Where do you find this information?
  3. How do you compile the information into an engaging format?
  4. How do you ensure your information is easily accessible and also well preserved?

Houstory How-Tos

Looking for specific information about your home?

Here's where to learn how to research architecture styles, owner backgrounds, building and home improvement history, property values, neighborhood changes, etc.

Also includes tips for locating historic photos and other visual documentation of your home's history.

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Home Historian Resources

Includes links, organizations, and publications that can help you in your home history research.

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Houstory thanks Michael L. Strauss, accredited genealogist and historian, for helping to compile this information. Another invaluable source was Betsy J. Green's book, "Discovering the History of Your House and Your Neighborhood", available for sale on this site.